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No vaccination for Thailand is mandatory. We do advice vaccinations against jaundice, typhoid fever and DTP vaccine.


The resistance of malaria mosquitoes against prophylaxis is a worldwide problem. Even though more and more touristic places are free of malaria, there still are some (changing) risky places. Therefore you should bring precautions like mosquito nets, insect repellent (the brand Jaico is available at a low price in Thailand) and mosquito grass. Prevention is better than cure! Information about vaccines and prophylaxis can be given by your local Area Health Authority. More information about the recommended vaccines and medicine can be given by the Landelijk Coördinatiecentrum Reizigersadvisering.

Travel documents

A valid passport is required for Thailand. After return from Thailand, this passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months. When you stay in Thailand for more than 30 days you will need a visa. You can apply for this at the Thai embassy in The Hague, the Thai consulate in Amsterdam or any other Thai embassy in the world.

Important: a Dutch or Belgian child, even a newborn baby, needs its own passport. Registration of children in their parents’ passport is not allowed.

Only a Dutch child up to the age of 15, who is already included in a parent’s passport can travel to Thailand.

Though we recommend you to apply for a separate passport for your child!

You need to apply for the tourist visa not later than 2 weeks before departure. The visa is valid for a stay in Thailand for a maximum of 60 days. For extension of the visa you can contact the Immigration Department in Bangkok.

To apply for the visa you will need the following:

Filled in  visa form; available at the Thai consulate or embassy.
A passport that is valid for 6 months after return from Thailand.
Three identical and recent passport Photo.

The costs for a tourist visa (valid for 60 days) are about 30 Euros per person.
The costs for a ‘single entry non-immigrant business’-visa (valid for 90 days) are about 50 Euros per person.
The costs for a ‘multiple entry non-immigrant business’-visa (valid for 365 days) are about 120 Euros per person.

With this ‘non-immigrant business’-visa you can stay in Thailand for 90 consecutive days. After those 90 days you have to cross the border to get a new entrance stamp. This has to be done always. – If you are 50+ you can also apply for a ‘non-immigrant’ O-visa. You can then stay from 3 months up to 1 year in Thailand. The price varies from 50 to 120 Euros per person. You do have to go to the immigration’s office for an extension every 3 months.

International driver’s license.

In Thailand it is mandatory to have an international driver s license if you want to drive a car or bike. You can get an international driver’s license immediately at every office of the AA or RAC. To do this you will need to bring your valid driver’s license and a recent passport photo.


Experience tells us that most of the time you will bring too much. Especially shoes and such cause unnecessary and (over)weight. An extra pair of jeans and shorts or skirt are usually enough. Realize that you are going to a country where you can buy all sorts of things and at a low price as well. You will never be inconvenienced in Thailand, because you left something at home. Though do not forget spare glasses for example.

You can only bring a maximum of 20 kilo luggage (economy class) and one piece of hand-luggage of a maximum of 7 kilo. For overweight you have to pay an average of 30 Euros per kilo, so that can mount up very fast.

As well as travel documents, vaccination papers, money and clothing you can bring the following items:

  • Travel guide/ phrase book
  • Alarm clock
  • Flashlight
  • Photo camera
  • Sunglasses / hat / cream
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Swimming gear
  • First-aid kit, personal medicine
  • Insect repellent (Jaico)
  • Azaron

Important: We advice to have the following in your hand-luggage during your trip:

  • Valid travel documents and visa (if necessary)
  • Your travel documents (e-ticket) – Contact information of your Insurance company
  • Contact information of Green Wood Travel
  • any medicine for use during the trip
  • Any other document of value

The following items may come in handy if you are planning on going on a hiking trip. On such a trip you will walk for several days in full kit. Therefore a decent condition is a requirement.

  • Clothing and shoes suitable for hiking
  • A copy of your passport
  • Water bottle
  • Sheet sleeping bag and/or sleeping bag
  • Small backpack
  • Jacket and sweater in the winter (november to februari)
  • Mosquito net
  • Cape against the rain to keep your backpack and camera dry during rainy periods
  • Toiletry (such as toilet paper, towels)

Water bottle, backpack, sleeping bag and mosquito net are available for rent in short supply at our office in Chian Mai for 20 THB per piece per day.

N.B. In Thailand the mains voltage is 220 Volt. Plugs and sockets may differ from ours. An international adapter might bring help. All possible batteries are available everywhere in Thailand.


To call from Thailand to the Netherlands or any other place, you will have to press 001 31 or +31 first (Belgium +32) and then the base figure without 0, followed by the subscriber’s number. In most cases you can call from your hotel in Thailand to foreign countries, but that is relatively expensive. This goes for calling with your own cell phone as well, most certainly because of the increasing costs due to incoming calls. You can find cybercafés everywhere in Thailand and you can call cheap through for example Skype or an internet provider. You could even call from a post office, old-fashioned, but still possible. Post offices are opened from Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 04:00 pm, the larger ones on Saturday as well from 08:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Tip: after arrival in Thailand, buy a Thai SIM card for 350 THB (50 THB SIM card + 300 THB credit) to call nationally and internationally at a low rate. Pass the number on to the people who stay at home. The plug of the charging device of your cell phone can be applied to almost any Thai socket. Mind you that your cell phone SIM lock free.

How to travel to Hua Hin

From Bangkok Airport you have taxis or limousines available. Both are available 24/7 and can be booked at the offices at the arrival lounge. Taxis and limousines are also available in the centre of Bangkok. The trip takes about 2½ hours, depending on the traffic situation. Taxis ad limousine services are available in Hua in for the trip back to Bangkok City or Bangkok Airport and also for transport to the south of Thailand.

Average travelling time by car from Hua Hin: – Chumphon province (to the ferries to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan) : 3 hours

Suratthani province (boats to Koh Samui): 5 hours; Krabi: 8 hours; Phuket 8 – 9 hours; River Kwai: 3 hours; Pattaya: 4 hours and 30 minute.

Drive along highway nr. 35 (Thon Bur-Pak Tho) past the provinces Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkhram and take highway nr. 4 to Hua Hin. Total travelling distance is 123 kilometers. You have the alternative to travel via the provinces Nakhon Pathom and Ratchaburi.

Buses from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Air-conditioned express buses transfer people from the southern bus terminal of Bangkok to Hua Hin from early in the morning until 9 pm. The travelling time is about 3 hours and 20 minutes. Buses from Hua Hin to Bangkok leave every 40 minutes from about 3:40 am till early in the evening. The buses leave from Hua Hin to Bangkok from a station next to Siripetchkasem Hotel. Air-conditioned buses leave for the Chumpon province as well and the travelling time is 4 hours, it takes 7 hours to get to the Suratthani province, it takes 10 hours to get to the Phuket province and 9 hours to get to the Krabi province.

Trains from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Hua Hin by train

The trip takes about 3 – 4 hours from Bangkok;

First-class rate is THB 202 (fast and express)
Second-class rate is THB 102 (fast and express only) human trafficking
Third-class rate is THB 44.

Buy your tickets online at www.thairailwayticket.com

Comment: Rates can change without any preceding notification.