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Restaurant Sweet Chilli’s

Dining is a very important element of your vacation-experience. With this in mind, everything will be done to make sure that the quality of our food is set at a very high level with a focus on Thai dishes and local ingredients.Restaurant Sweet Chillie’s

We are proud of the use of exclusively fresh ingredients. For next season, we offer Lunch a la carte and a fixed dinner, always offering a diversity of dishes which contain fresh fish and vegetarian dishes. Breakfast is a la carte with a selection of Thai and western choices.

  • Special Thai dishes with local ingredients
  • Choice of Thai and western dishes
  • Care for Vegetarians
  • Special occasions, dinner available


From 7:00 am to 10 am we have unlimited a la carte breakfast. Choose from toast made with home-made bread, a selection of Thai rice and noodle dishes and western dishes like muesli with yoghurt, a variety of omelette, toast and fruit filled pancakes. These are accompanied by fresh coffee and tea, plus a selection of juices and season-bound fresh fruit.


Lunch is an a la carte selection of Thai and western dishes.


Dinner is our most important meal and is served in our Restaurant Sweet Chillie’s. The time of the dinners can be adjusted to fit the families their needs.

The a la carte dinner has a great selection of fish, chicken, pork and vegetarian dishes. Almost no day passes without our chef preparing original Thai meals. Dinner is a time for friends and family to dine and enjoy the day together and discuss the activities and the plan or adventures of tomorrow.

We are glad to meet the special wishes regarding diets, as well as the needs of children. The Thai cooking style meets low dairy or no wheat diets easily.

Restaurant Sweet Chilli’s has a Dutch snack menu for all the Dutch among us with food like amongst others Dutch fries, ‘kroketten’, ‘frikadellen’!